Science for Change


Science for Change is an SME born from the will to tackle societal challenges affecting communities using innovative solutions. SfC specialises in developing user-centered, innovative services and products based on citizen science, participatory strategies, community engagement and co-creation processes to facilitate social innovation. It focuses on environmental issues affecting citizens, or any other matters of concern, and uses a methodology based on a quadruple helix model of stakeholder engagement (public authorities and policy makers, industries and SMEs, academia, and communities, NGOs and CSOs, amongst others), to promote dialogue, increase transparency, and to co-design innovative solutions that are relevant to all the stakeholders involved.

Role in the project

Science for Change contributes to the citizen engagement and stakeholder engagement activities within HOOP. They also develop a new tool based on citizen science for designing bottom-up, personalised urban biowaste collection systems in the lighthouse cities, for increased valorisation rates and the quality of separation for the new processes to be implemented.


Mar Escarrabill
Responsible Research and Innovation Officer at Science for Change