The HOOP Circular Investors Board

Opening investment opportunities for Europe’s urban bioeconomy.

The HOOP Circular Investors Board (CIB) is an integral part of the Project Development Assistance (PDA) that is a pillar of the HOOP project. Building on the HOOP expertise on how to recuperate valuable resources from Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (OFMSW) and Urban Waste Water Sludge (UWWS) to make bio-based products, the CIB brings together leading investors in sustainable finance to advance with long-term returns on investments based on circular business models. The CIB meets twice a year to discuss relevant industry topics. Potential investors are invited to express their interest to join the CIB via the form below. The main advantages of joining the CIB are:

To participate in EU projects on urban biowaste and wastewater revaluation.

To collaborate with leading Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) experts.

To shape EU-wide investment opportunities to boost sustainable development.

To help mainstream sustainable investments towards the urban circular bioeconomy.

To co-develop tools and to advise
on requirements of investments.

To learn with peer-to-peer
knowledge exchange.

Current Circular Investors Board members

Archipelago Eco Investors –
Enerfip –
European Circular Bioeconomy Fund –
European Energy Efficiency Fund –
European Investment Bank –
FomentInvest SGPS –
3xP Global –
Grow Venture Partners –
Horizon Flevoland – 
Invest-NL –

Irish Bioeconomy Foundation –
Polestar Capital –
Portugal Ventures –
SDGx –
Ship2B Ventures –
Smart City Infrastructure Fund –
Suma Capital –
Pioneer Point Partners –
Unconventional Ventures –

Interested in joining the HOOP Circular Investors Board?

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