Download here the key outcomes from the HOOP project. Content will be added throughout the project so don't forget to check back!


D5.3 Circular EvaluationFramework GuidanceReport

by RdA Climate Solutions

The HOOP Project Maturity Level (PML) is a standardized assessment, questionnaire, and ranking of six levels tool designed…

Advancing the circular bioeconomy in Murcia

by Science for Change

This document is the result of a participatory research using citizen science and co-creation methodologies to identify strategies…

Educational game to tackle the complex challenges of…

by Science for Change

By analyzing users’ decisions throughout the HOOP Trainers game, we aim to gain a deeper understanding of the…

HOOP financial tools to provide technical assistance for…

by RdA Climate Solutions

Presenting tools such as the Investment Package Manual, the INvestment Intake Form and Facility, the Project Maturity Level…

D6.3 Report on the engagement activities implemented through…


The HOOP project aims to provide Project Development Assistance (PDA) to eight Lighthouse Cities and Re- gions for…

D2.4 Investment Package Manual for European Cities and…

by RdA Climate Solutions

Vol I – EU Taxonomy applied to circular bio-based activities

D2.4 Investment Package Manual for European Cities and…

by RdA Climate Solutions

Vol II – European investment package on circular bioeconomy for European Member States, Regions and Cities

D2.4 Investment Package Manual for European Cities and…

by RdA Climate Solutions

Vol III – National and Regional investment package on circular bioeconomy for European Regions and Cities

D4.1 Novel Circular Business Models applied in the…


In the framework of WP4 titled “PDA Circular Bio-based Business Models” the aim is to provide PDA in…

D9.3 Urban Circular Biobased Quality Label communication pack

by Greenovate! Europe

The aim of this document is to share the first designs for the HOOP Circularity Label as well…

D8.3 HOOP guidance for the organisation of National…

by ACR+

This report is one of the outputs of the HOOP project and it aims at guiding the Lighthouses…

D5.1 Circular Investors Board Handbook

by Bax & Company, RdA Climate Solutions, CETENMA

This handbook outlines the objectives and targets of the CIB as well as the boundary conditions and its…

D1.2 Data Management Plan


The DMP identifies the types of data from HOOP and classifies them according to different criteria (topic, origin,…

D6.2 Short explainer video about the Biowaste Clubs

by Greenovate! Europe

The main objective of this deliverable was to explain what a ‘Biowaste Club’ is. As the Biowaste Clubs…

Communication materials

Join the HOOP Network of Cities and Regions!Join…

by ACR+

The HOOP Network of Cities and Regions helps territories improve the valorisation of biowaste and wastewater by facilitating knowledge exchange…

Join the HOOP Network of Cities and Regions!

by ACR+

The HOOP Network of Cities and Regions helps territories improve the valorisation of biowaste and wastewater by facilitating…

¡Únete a la Red HOOP de Ciudades y…

by ACR+

La Red HOOP de Ciudades y Regiones es un punto de encuentro para ayudar a los territorios a…

Urban metabolism of HOOP Lighthouses

by Research 4 Life

The urban metabolism of the eight HOOP Lighthouse Cities and Regions was analysed using a five-layer indicator set…

Project Poster


Concept of the HOOP Project

Circular Investors Board


One-pager introducing the CIB

HOOP network of cities and regions


Flyer introducing network benefits and how to join.

HOOP general roll-up banner


A HOOP branded roll-up banner for events and activities.

HOOP general flyer


A triptych flyer explaining the main concept and objectives of the HOOP project.


Urban Circular Bioeconomy


Presentation from our EU Green Week 2021 webinar

Circular Economy policies and upcoming R&I initiatives

by European Commission DG RTD

Presentation from our 30 June 2021 webinar on Urban Circular Bioeconomy Policy

Circular policies for changing the biowaste systems (ROOTS)


Policy recommendations to vitalise Europe’s urban bioeconomy

Methods for evaluating social acceptance

by Savonia University of Applied Sciences

From 16 June 2021 webinar ‘Safety and acceptance of biobased products’

Stakeholder Engagement in Kozani and the Region of…

by CluBE

Presented at 19 May webinar in the ‘Urban Circular Bieconomy’ series.

Stakeholder engagement & citizen awareness in the biowaste…


Strategies for engaging these stakeholders, changing mindsets and behaviour, and establishing local leadership.

Citizen engagement & awareness in Bergen

by BIR

Local urban bioeconomy actions implemented by BIR in the region of Bergen.

Involvement of Murcia in Circular Economy Projects

by Murcia City Council

From May 2021 webonar ‘Selective collection of urban biowaste’

Biowaste collection strategies


Common pitfalls and good practices for collecting a high quality organic fraction. Presented 5 May 2021.

New business models in the Bergen region

by BIR

New solutions for biowaste valorisation in Western Norway, presented in June 2021.

How do investors see innovative circular projects?

by RdA Climate Solutions

Presentation made during the webinar on ‘New business models’ on 10 June 2021, part of the Urban Circular…

The HOOP network of cities and regions

by ACR+

The HOOP Network of Cities and Regions is facilitating exchange of knowledge and mutual learning among cities and…

New circular business models

by Draxis

Presentation made during the Urban Circular Bioeconomy webinar series on 10 June 2021.

Technology Factsheets

Used cooking oils

Waste cooking oil is a rich carbon source for bacteria, which is utilized in their metabolism to synthesize…

Volatile fatty acids

Volatile fatty acids such as acetic, propionic or butyric acids are known as the “carboxylate platform” or “building…

Nutrient recovery

Struvite (MgNHPO4·H2O) and ammonium sulphate [(NH4)2SO4] are compounds used as fertilizers and they can be recovered from residual…

Insect farming

Some insects can be safely included in feed and food formulations.