Biowaste Clubs

Engaging stakeholders for Europe’s urban bioeconomy

What is a Biowaste Club?

A Biowaste Club is an open space where stakeholders regularly exchange and together develop a shared vision for how their city can become more circular. They identify the main barriers, challenges and opportunities along the value chain, including their own needs and interests and they agree on a roadmap of how this transition should take place.

In the HOOP project, each Lighthouse city hosts regular Biowaste Club Meetings where participants from academia, industry, policy and civil society discuss the current challenges and possible solutions along the local biowaste value chain, they explore and set-up pilot activities and they connect with each other and with other cities and regions to foster a local – as well as national – bioeconomy.

8 Lighthouse
cities and regions are blazing
the trail for urban circular
bioeconomy solutions.

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