Open Market Consultation process launched by LIPOR

In the context of the HOOP project, which is driving innovation to Vitalise Urban Bioeconomy, LIPOR launched an Open Market Consultation to find solutions for nutrient recovery present in the liquid digestate coming from the future anaerobic digestion plant.

Starting from a project to build an anaerobic digestion plant, for 60,000 tons of food waste, the challenge for the market is related to the treatment of the liquid fraction of the digestate produced, after phase separation (effluent), in order to respond to legal requirements for discharge/treatment in a WWTP and, at the same time, recover nutrients (phosphorus and ammonia nitrogen), for valorisation and production of new bioproducts. Both nitrogen and phosphorus are valuable nutrients essential for fertilizer products. This is of interest for regional agriculture.

In compliance with the public procurement principles, all interested experts, independent authorities, and economic operators (regardless of their geographic location, the size or governance structure of their organisation) are invited to take part in the Open Market Consultation.


Take part

An open meet-the-market event will be held on 9 April 2024, in hybrid form. Click here to register, Find the Agenda below.

You are invited to provide all relevant information, matching the requirements described in the technical prospectus, by filling in this questionnaire.


This PIN is published to announce an Open Market Consultation on a potential future procurement action and is not a commitment to procure.

Participation in the Open Market Consultation will not be a requirement to submit a proposal to the planned call for tender, does not lead to any rights or privileges for the participants, and is not part of any pre-qualification or selection process.

Participating in the meet-the-market event , you are aware and accept that the session can be filmed and put online and the names of participating entities that attend  could be published to encourage further networking also between technology providers that were not able to attend.

Filling the survey, you are responsible to indicate, in written form, what sensitive commercial information needs to be handled confidentially and is not  to be made public through the market consultation report.


More information

PIN on TED (in Portuguese).

PIN (EN version).

Technical Prospectus.

For any further questions please contact:

Meet-the-market Agenda




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