HOOP Study Visit Kuopio

16 June 2023

HOOP will host its fourth Study Visit on 16 June, visiting the Lighthouse city Kuopio lo learn more about its management of biowaste.

Kuopio is an Eastern Finnish city in the middle of the most beautiful Finnish lake, the Lake Kallavesi. Lake Finland. The area of the city of Kuopio has about 120,000 inhabitants and the area of North Savo has about 250,000 inhabitants. Since 2001, Jätekukko Ltd is responsible for regional waste management and in 2003 they implemented the separate collection of Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (OFMSW) and the promotion of home-composting. Separately collected biowaste goes to biogas production, other fractions are recycled for reuse and mixed waste is used for heat production.

We will also have the opportunity to visit Elävä Säätiö facilties, a hub that was born to recycle textiles but evolved into an integrated innovative system for refurnishing cloths, furniture, big household items, etc.

The study visit aims to 1) inspire innovative solutions that HOOP Network members can adapt and implement in their own territories and 2) to provide opportunities for HOOP Network Members to meet HOOP Lighthouses and Technical Partners and receive feedbacks or exchange lessons learnt.

The Study Visit is open for members of the HOOP Network of Cities and Regions, click here to join. For the members of the HOOP Network, all the travel costs (hotel, flight/train tickets, food) are covered by the project. If you are interested, get in contact with ACR+ ( by 31 May.



Depending from country


Arrival at the hotel


Members are invited to join the HOOP partners for dinner. To join the restaurant, it’s necessary to take a boat leaving the harbour Bellanranta at 19:00 (next to Wanha Satama restaurant). The cost of the dinner is covered by the project, the ticket of the boat (15€) will have to be paid by each participant. If you want to join the dinner, please, get back to the Network manager ( as soon as possible.



Gathering point to move together to the first venue

09:00 – 9:15

Presentation of the agenda and purpose of the day

09:15 – 09:30

Kuopio project assisted by HOOP: a pilot facility to uptake slow pyrolysis of different feedstocks.

9:30 – 10:00

The HOOP Network of cities and regions bring questions and challenges to the Consortium. Each member of the Network will present their own organization and territory highlighting the most innovative solutions in terms of bioeconomy. Each member will also have the opportunity to bring 1-2 burning questions on how to improve their local bioeconomy strategy.

10:00 – 10:30

Coffee break

10:30 – 11:00

Presentation of Jätekukko waste management system with a focus on the composting system of the region.

11:00 – 11:30

Bus transfer to Jätekukko facilities.

11:30 – 12:30

Jätekukko facilities

Visit to Jätekukko facilities.

12:30 – 13:30


13:30 – 15:00

Visit to Elävä Säätiö facilties, an inspiring system for refurnishing cloths, furniture, big household items, etc…


Bus back to Kuopio city centre and to the airport (if you need to go directly from Elävä Säätiö to the airport, please book a taxi).