HOOP Lunch Talks Season 2 – Episode IX: Fostering wastewater valorisation through nitrogen recovery

HOOP hosts monthly 30 minutes exchanges about the urban circular bioeconomy, involving an expert from the HOOP team who shares information and practical solutions with the members of the HOOP network. This event is only for members of the HOOP Network of Cities and Regions, click here to join.

This is the last episode of the season and it will focus on nitrogen recovery from wastewater as a crucial aspect of nutrient circularity. It plays a significant role in promoting sustainability and resource efficiency. Wastewater, particularly municipal and industrial wastewater, contains various forms of nitrogen, mainly ammonia and nitrate. Guillermo Noriega-Havia, Project Manager at HOOP partner CETAQUA, will dive into how implementing nitrogen recovery technologies in wastewater treatment processes can reduce the discharge of nitrogen-rich effluents into the environment, minimize eutrophication of water bodies, and recover valuable nitrogen resources for beneficial reuse, such as fertilisers.