New position paper promotes EU regulatory measures that support urban bioeconomy

HOOP, VALUEWASTE, SCALIBUR and WaysTUP! are four active projects funded under the EU’s Horizon 2020 Programme that work to develop innovative solutions to transform urban biowaste and wastewater into new added-value products like feed, fertilisers, bioplastics, biopesticides, proteins and bioethanol.

The projects started at different dates (2018, 2019 and 2020), use different technologies and processes, and carry out independent work plans; however, they a face common challenge: numerous regulatory bottlenecks hinder the full deployment of revolutionary solutions in the field of urban biowaste and wastewater valorisation and re-use.

Starting in 2020, and throughout 2021, the four projects have been working in close collaboration to develop a cohesive initiative to boost acceptance of innovative solutions for the European circular bioeconomy and bring down regulatory barriers that hinder the uptake of a true Circular Economy with regards to biowaste valorisation.

The result of the work so far is a common position paper with specific recommendations on four key topics that should be addressed – recycling targets and treatment plants, waste & by-products, biopesticides and insects for animal feed- to unlock the full potential of circular business models for biowaste valorisation in urban contexts and beyond. The paper has been developed by experts from the four projects, who have thoughtfully analysed the current policy framework, the EU Bioeconomy Strategy, specific regulation, market barriers as well as the opportunities provided by the new EU Green Deal and the Farm to Fork Strategy.

Now, the position paper is public and available for download at the webpages of the four projects: HOOP, VALUEWASTE, SCALIBUR and WaysTUP!. Updates on the policy work developed by the four projects will be made public under the name of the joint initiative they will be working under: ROOTS – circulaR pOlicies for changing the biOwasTe System. In the coming months,the ROOTs group will promote and further analyse the topics and recommendations of its position paper and organise different activities to engage with relevant stakeholders.

Ultimately, the initiative seeks to play an important role by providing sound and high-quality research data that can be used for policy and regulation.” – Martín Soriano, R&D Project Coordinator at CETENMA


These projects have received funding from the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement Nos. 101000836, 817788, 818312 & 818308.


Giulio Poggiaroni, European Biomass Industry Association –