Join the HOOP Circular Investors Board

As an integral part of the HOOP Project Development Assistance (PDA), the Circular Investors Board (CIB) brings together potential investors to advance circular business models and sustainable finance. Potential investors are invited to express their interest to join the CIB here. Find out more in this video!

The main advantages of joining the CIB are:

1. To participate in EU projects on urban biowaste and wastewater revaluation.

2. To collaborate with leading Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) experts.

3. To shape EU-wide investment opportunities to boost sustainable development.

4. To help mainstream sustainable investments towards the urban circular bioeconomy.

5. To co-develop tools and to advise on requirements of investments.

6. To learn with peer-to-peer knowledge exchange.

Join the HOOP CIB today!