Join the EIB Circular City Centre to get support for the circular transition

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has developed the Circular City Centre (C3), a competence and resource centre aimed at supporting EU cities in their circular economy transition. This platform is intended for sharing resources and practical information, providing circular city advisory to support cities, and raising awareness about relevant advisory and funding opportunities.

The C3 was launched in October 2021 with the support of the European Commission through the European Investment Advisory Hub. It is currently in a pilot phase and its goal is to advance circular action in cities, helping them to address their linear problems and making them more regenerative, resilient, clean, and liveable.

The Centre is addressed to cities, that can receive free advice and support, but also public project promoters and private sector promoters working with and for cities. The platform is open to anyone interested in the topic for accessing useful knowledge, resources and tools.

Within the C3 framework, the EIB is organising a circular waste management series of webinars on how to accelerate the cities’ circular transition. You can learn more about them in HOOP events page.