Insects on the menu in Murcia

Insects as food and feed are considered a promising solution to food system stresses caused by environmental pressures, population growth and increasing demand for protein. But even though insects are consumed by at least 2 billion people, most Europeans turn their noses up at the idea.

Our friends in Murcia are on a mission to change perceptions. They have teamed up with Pablo González – award winning chef and owner of “Cabaña Buenavista”, a two Michelin Stars restaurant in Murcia – to present a series of recipes using insect-derived products.

The initiative was arranged in the framework of VALUEWASTE, a Horizon 2020 project coordinated by CETENMA, which, in cooperation with the City of Murcia, has created a pilot plant for the conversion of urban biowaste into protein via insect rearing (black soldier fly). Indeed insect rearing is among the portfolio of innovative processes offered by HOOP to cities and regions for the valorisation of the Organic Fraction of Municipal Waste (OFMSW).

In the eight videos, available on the CETENMA YouTube channel, the Murcian chef has prepared different recipes using a high protein insect flour, supplied by the Murcian company Entomo Agroindustrial. These recipes are sure to build people’s appetite for more insect-based food in the future!