HOOP Lunch Talks Season 2 – Episode VIII: Biobased Products Acceptance: How to make children hear you

HOOP hosts monthly 30 minutes exchanges about the urban circular bioeconomy, involving an expert from the HOOP team who shares information and practical solutions with the members of the HOOP network. This event is only for members of the HOOP Network of Cities and Regions, click here to join.

This episode will be focused on strategies to promote the biobased-products acceptance implemented by CluBE in the HOOP Lighthouse Western Macedonia. CluBE has a great experience in citizens engagement for promoting recycling, upcycling and biobased products acceptance. Their main goal is to promote Behavioral Change on citizens through the organisation of regular school visits. Several games focused on reduction, recycling, sorting and reusing but especially on biobased products are used as creative tools to raise awareness among children about seeing waste as a resource in their everyday activities. Theodoros Gkiourkas, Project Manager at CluBE, will illustrate a guide of best practices to implement at local level to overcome the lack of trust of citizens when talking about bio-based products.