HOOP Lunch Talks Season 2 – Episode IV: The HOOP Circularity Label – What is the level of bio-circularity of your city?

HOOP hosts monthly 30 minutes exchanges about the urban circular bioeconomy, involving an expert from the HOOP team who shares information and practical solutions with the members of the HOOP network. This event is only for members of the HOOP Network of Cities and Regions, click here to join.

This episode will be focused on the HOOP Bio-Circularity Label. This tool will play an important role in the mission of supporting cities and regions to boost their circular urban bioeconomy. The members of the Network will have the opportunity to learn how it will show to what extent cities and regions implement circular measures, policies, and initiatives. Margriet Goossensen and Isabelle Meijer, Innovation Consultants at HOOP partner Bax & Company, will explain how the Label will create an environment to help encourage investments in circular technologies, projects, and companies, allowing the production and application of biowaste-based products.