European Week For Waste Reduction

The European Week For Waste Reduction (EWWR) is the biggest raising-awareness campaign on waste prevention in Europe. Every year, it involves thousands of people, who organise activities to raise awareness about waste reduction. This year, coordinated at EU level by HOOP partner ACR+, the EWWR will last from 19 to 27 November and it’s supported by 36 Coordinators, which assist the action developers in the implementation and promotion of the actions at regional and local level. Everyone can participate in the campaign by registering an action as representative of one of the 5 categories: public administration and organisation, business/industry, association/NGO, educational establishment, and citizen(s). The campaign is financed and supported by a Steering Committee, that counts 14 members, among which the European Commission and the Committee of Regions.

Each year, they select a thematic focus to raise the attention on a specific aspect of waste reduction. For this edition, it is focused on the topic of Circular and Sustainable Textiles. They aim to raise the attention on the strong impact textile and clothing sectors have on our planet and society but, mainly, to inspire actions that will push this industry to embrace a circular approach. For this, they are promoting actions on repairing, sharing economy, second-hand shopping, reuse, waste prevention challenges, knowledge exchange, etc. Despite the thematic focus, action developers can organise and register actions focusing on different topics of waste prevention, such as the food sector, plastic, technological items, education, behavioral change, recycling, etc.

Check the thematic page, where you can find several factsheets in many languages, and the database to get inspired by the thousands of actions organised in the past editions. Find out how to participate!