DECISIVE focus group

HOOP will be presented at the DECISIVE project focus group on 22 October !

The DECISIVE project brings together a multi-disciplinary consortium willing to design and implement innovative bio-waste management schemes, targeting urban bio-waste. The DECISIVE concept consists in a network of decentralised, micro-anaerobic digestion units treating municipal food waste to turn it into fertiliser and energy to supply urban and peri-urban farms. Part of the digestate is also recovered as biopesticides through a solid-state fermentation process. Besides, a decision-support tool has been designed to assess the potential of different biowaste management system in any given context.

The DECISIVE concept has been concretely implemented in Lyon, France, on the premises of a peri-urban farm, recovering food waste from local restaurants and organic shops. DECISIVE started in September 2016 and will end on 30 October 2021.

The DECISIVE project has organised a first focus group in 2018, bringing together different organisations implementing decentralised biowaste management systems and other stakeholders, to discuss current opportunities and barriers for their implementation. The meeting identified the different strength of decentralised systems (flexibility, low collection costs, etc.) that makes them interesting to implement in parallel of centralised systems. It also highlighted the lack of adapted regulation (permitting, use of by-products) that limits their potential.
With the second focus group, the DECISIVE project aims to address the current legal and economic barriers faced by local bioeconomy strategies, especially the recovery of food waste into valuable products. For instance, the implementation of the DECISIVE demonstration sites highlighted different challenges linked with authorisation processes that hinders the flexibility of such small-scale units.

This second focus group brings together different EU projects working on food and food losses and waste, at various stage of development. The main objectives of this meeting are:
▪ Get to know the different projects and their main outcomes
▪ Discover the policy recommendations formulated by some of the project
▪ Engage in a discussion between the different projects on current barriers and opportunities, possibilities of cooperation, and follow-up activities.

The meeting will bring together partners from the different projects, for more information you can contact Jean-Benoit Bel, ACR+ –