Circular Economy Week Albano Laziale

From 16 to 20 May the Italian city of Albano Laziale will host its first ‘Circular Economy Week’, a series of in-person events around the themes of biowaste management and circularity.

Albano Laziale is a circular economy frontrunner in Italy, especially with regards to the collection and treatment of biowaste. It is also very active in European projects, being a pilot city in the SCALIBUR project and a lighthouse territory in the HOOP project. The ‘Circular Economy Week’ aims to raise awareness locally about circular initiatives and emerging technological solutions for the valorisation of organic waste.

In total four events are planned, all sessions will be held in Italian.

  • 17 May Public seminar dedicated to international best practices for the circular economy and for the improvement of individual and collective consumption models (click here to register)
  • 18 May Expert seminar “New frontiers for the circular economy: investing in the bioeconomy” illustrating economic and employment opportunities offered by new technologies (click here to register)
  • 19 May A Participative workshop will be organised around the topic of “Circular Cities 2030” to promote the involvement of citizens of all ages in the processes of building local scenarios and policies (click here to register)
  • 20 May Exhibition displaying local circular initiatives and products (public session, no registration required)

Click to view the detailed agenda in English and in Italian.